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The interplay of color is one of my favorite things about quilting.  You can drastically change the mood and outcome of a quilt pattern down to the block by experimenting with your color and fabric choices. As you can see from the two quilts pictured below, making a sampler quilt is great way to audition new blocks and color palettes.

Left: Original Vice Versa Sampler by AnneMarie Chanay. Right: Vice Versa Sampler in alternate colorway with edge-to-edge quilting by Cristin Wilson.

In her book Sister Sampler Quilts, AnneMarie Chany injects new life into the sampler quilts of old by integrating bold colors, high contrast, minimalism, and expansive areas of negative space. Each of her modern sampler quilts featured in this book uses the individual block patterns twice to create sister blocks.

There are three ways to create sister blocks for a sampler quilt:

  • You can duplicate the blocks exactly making identical twins.
  • You can try out color combinations by using different fabrics for the same block pattern.
  • Or you can see the role negative space plays in each block pattern by completely inverting the fabrics of the first block to create the second.

Sister-Sampler-Free-2If you aren’t sure about jumping into an entire sampler quilt, try using sister blocks to make a set of pillows you can quilt in a day or two. Get started sewing up a set of Ataraxy & Ataraxy Inverse Envelope Pillows designed by AnneMarie when you download the FREE quilt patterns today!

Once you’ve made your pillows, jump into the three contemporary quilt samplers AnneMarie shares in her book when you order your copy of Sister Sampler Quilts. If you want to skip the shipping download the eBook today!

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P.S. Do you make sister blocks? Which block is your favorite when making sister blocks? Share your insights by commenting below.

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