Slow Down with The Slow Stitching Movement

Our world is full of noise, distraction, media, social media and more noise. You can’t even escape this in your quilt room! When I’m quilting or sewing, I will have Netflix playing or music blaring and I will check my phone at least 17 times during my creative session. When did we begin to need these distractions while we’re creating art? Is it too much to be alone with our own thoughts and simply enjoy each and every stitch we make?

One man is out to change the way we create, design, stitch and quilt. Mark Lipinski is the creator of the Slow Stitching Movement. His mission is to tell quilters to stop and slow down. Easier said than done, right?

From the Slow Stitching gallery

How exactly do we turn off all the distractions, slow down our quilting and revel in the beauty of our creativity? Mark is here to tell us with a live webinar on April 15th. I promise no yoga poses are required for this one hour session. Simply grab yourself some tea or cookies, cozy up to the computer and listen as Mark talks about Slow Stitching. This includes how to:

  • Recharge your  patchwork
  • Expand your creativity while boosting your self esteem
  • Tap into your creative mind. Get that right brain moving!
  • Find time to be creative and slow down your pace
  • Create habits that support your creativity

It sounds so zen, so relaxing. Merely reading those five bullet points makes me want to stand up, take a deep breath and go stitch in silence.

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Slow Stitch Quilt

Quilting, like everything else in life, is about finding a balance that works for you. Mix in slow stitching with your faster pre-cut projects. Work until you find a harmony.

I hope you join me on April 15th during the live webinar of The Slow Stitching Movement and it serves as a reminder to be patient with your creativity.

Happy Quilting!


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