Small Patchwork Projects Perfect for Scraps

A free pattern from Tilda Sunshine Sewing

Do you ever find yourself with fabric scraps that don’t quite fit a full sized quilt project?

Small patchwork projects are a great way to use up scraps and complete a project in just a day. Tone Finnanger recently released another wonderful book in her Tilda brand – Tilda Sunshine Sewing. This book is brimming with fun projects, from full-size quilts to those simple patchwork projects your scrap pile will love!

Utilizing the fabrics from her latest collections, these projects are bright and full of summer fun energy! From an octopus, starfish, mermaids, and cats to beach bags and scrap bowls, the scrap-busting patchwork projects in this book are sweet treats for quilters and sewists alike.

Plus, the full-size quilts and accompanying pillow projects will have you enjoying summer warmth all year long.

As a bonus, we’ve included a fun patchwork project from the book for free – Patchwork Lemons.


  • Two different print fabrics for the lemon, each about 8in square
  • One print fabric for the leaf, about 5in square
  • Toy stuffing
  • Short piece of string

Finished Size

  • 4in tall

Making a Lemon

Fig 1

1. Before you start, refer to the notes in General Techniques: Making Softies in the Patchwork Lemons downloadable pattern PDF. Copy the patterns onto thick paper and cut out the shapes.

Fig B

2. Place the fabric squares for the lemon right sides together and draw the lemon pattern twice. Add a 1/4in seam allowance all around (Fig A) and then cut out the shapes. You now have four lemon pieces.

Fig C

3 To sew the lemon together take two sections, one of each fabric. Place them right sides together. With a pencil, mark a dot 1/2in away from the top and bottom points. Sew a 1/4in seam down the long side, starting and stopping at these marked points (Fig B). Backstitch for a few stitches at the start and finish of the seam to secure the stitching. Turn to the right side and press. Repeat this with the other pair. Now sew the two pairs together in the same way. Sew the final seam, leaving an opening for turning. Turn through, stuff and then sew the opening shut (Fig C).

Fig D

4 To make the leaf, fold the fabric for the leaf right sides together, draw the pattern and sew (Fig D). Leave an opening for turning in the seam. Cut out with a seam allowance all around, leaving a slightly bigger allowance around the gap. Turn through to the right side, sew the gap shut and press.

5 To finish, cut a piece of string, double it to make a loop and tie a knot in the end. Trim off the end pieces. Sew the knot to the top of the lemon and then sew the leaf onto the knot.

You can take these lemons and decorate a favorite tree during a backyard barbeque, fill a bowl on your summer table, or just have around the house to add some bright colors to your décor.

In Tilda Sunshine Sewing, there’s a lemon quilt and a lemontree pillow to complete your summertime look. To get these and many more patterns, order your copy of the book today or download the eBook instantly.


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