Small Quilted Gifts: An Aviary of Ornaments

It’s mid-August, and like every dedicated crafter I know, I’m already thinking of making handmade gifts for my friends and family this holiday season.

I’m lucky to have a very large extended family: just one sister, but six sisters in law, six nieces, and a handful of close friends I consider my “sisters” despite no genetic ties. Each year I choose one gift for all of these special women. I scan my stash of sewing magazines and quilting books and make a plan. Yet every year, I find myself working frantically to finish gifts at the last minute. But this year, my intention is to start early, work diligently, and have plenty of time to enjoy the holiday without spending time rushing at the last minute to finish my holiday gifts.

I’m taking my gift-making inspiration from artist Candy Glendening, one of Quilting Arts’ most prolific contributors. Candy’s projects have appeared not only in our magazines; she’s also shared them in video format and on Quilting Arts TV. She’s the queen of getting things done, doing things right, and making the most beautiful projects seem easy.

In Candy’s own words, making a handmade gift is more meaningful than searching for the latest gadget on the Internet. “I absolutely love making handmade gifts! I use gift-giving occasions as a time to celebrate my relationships with friends and family to tell them how thankful I am that they are in my life. Taking time to make something by hand that fits each recipient perfectly is so satisfying and meaningful.”

The project I’ll be making for all of my “sisters” this year, however, hasn’t appeared in any of our print publications: it is an exclusive “bonus project” found only in the compilation eBook, Create Handmade Gifts for All: 18 Projects for Everyone on your List. I’ve had my eye on the Stitched Bird Ornaments that adorn an autumn wreath in the inspiration photo. These charming birds will make lovely ornaments for my family and friends, but most of all, they will spread a message of joy and peace this holiday season. Why not try your hand at making them along with me? Follow along with Candy’s instructions.

Now that you’ve seen this adorable project, wouldn’t you like to browse the rest of Candys creations? Check out 18 more projects from Candy that make perfect handmade gifts to give everyone on your list.


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