Small Quilting Projects: A Quilted Cover for your Tablet

Small quilting projects: Tablet cover

Loving your leftovers: take cover

Join designer Abigail Dolinger in making this small quilting project. A simple and chic project to protect your mobile device or tablet in style.

Skill level: Intermediate
Finished Size: varies on your tablet size
Pre-Cuts Featured: leftover 2½” strips

Simple and chic project your mobile device or tablet in style with these small quilting projects.


  • 6–7 (2½”-wide) strips assorted prints for cover
  • Leftovers from coordinating prints for cover and lining
  • Batting
  • 4½”-diameter circle from template material
  • Medium weight iron-on interfacing


    Small Quilting Projects depth measurement how to

  1. Measure and record width, length, and depth of the mobile device (Measurement Diagram).
  2. Calculate number of 2½”-wide strips needed as follows: Length + (Depth × 2) + 1″ = ______; divide by 2 = ______. If final sum is an odd number, round down to even number for the 2½” strips and add 1 (3½”-wide) strip from coordinating print (example below). 8″ + (½” × 2) + 1″ = 10″ ÷ 2 = 5″ Use 4 (2½”_-wide) strips, plus 1 (3½”-wide) strip.
    To determine strip lengths: (Width × 2) + (Depth × 2) + 6″ = ____.
  3. Strip set diagram for small quilting projectsCut assorted print strips and join to make 1 strip set (Strip Set Diagram).
  4. Measure strip set; cut 2 batting rectangles 1″ larger on each side.
  5. Layer batting rectangles and strip set; baste. Quilt as desired.
  6. Trim batting even with strip set. Using circle template, trim 2 corners on one short end to complete quilted cover top.
  7. From coordinating print, cut 1 lining rectangle same size as quilted cover top.
  8. Calculate length of closure band: (Length × 2) + ½” = ______. Cut 1 (2½”-wide) assorted strip this length and 1 (2½”-wide) rectangle of interfacing half this length.
  9. Band diagram for quiltingFuse interfacing to wrong side at one end of strip. Fold strip in half crosswise, right sides together. Stitch down both long sides. Turn strip right side out through opening end. Topstitch on long sides as shown in Band Diagram to complete closure band.
  10. Referring to Assembly Diagrams, place closure band 1¼” from squared end of quilted cover as shown; baste ends in place.
  11. Layer cover and lining, right sides together, aligning edges; pin. Sew ¼” along all edges, leaving 3″ unsewn for turning. Turn right side out; press. Hand sew opening closed. Top stitch along short, squared end.
  12. Assembly diagrams for quilting projects

  13. Fold cover right sides together, leaving 5½” at the top for the closure flap, as shown. Using a ⅛” seam allowance, sew along sides and flap edges. Turn cover right side out.


Now your tablet or phone is protected with a small quilted project—all from leftovers Check out Pre-Cut Patchwork for more projects like this!

The finished result of a quilted tablet cover

Sew long,

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