Sneak Peek: Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery Season 3


What Excites you about Machine Embroidery?

So many different things! First, I love that I can take a ready-made item and make it special somehow just by adding a little embroidery. I love that embroidery can be sort of an instant gratification project—it’s not like making a quilt that may take weeks or months—I can actually finish something in a couple of hours with my embroidery machine!

What’s the Key to Confidence with Machine Embroidery?

I think a lot of people are intimidated by machine embroidery, especially if they started long ago when we had really small embroidery fields and maybe the designs weren’t quite as advanced as they are today. Now there are so many cool features on our embroidery machines designed to make things easier and so many tips and tricks that you can learn! I really think that’s the key to feeling confident with machine embroidery—it’s just learning all those little tips and tricks.

Are you a Quilter or an Embroiderer?

I wrote a blog post once called “Are Sewing and Quilting Mutually Exclusive?” because I think that there is a mindset that either you’re a “quilter” or an “embroiderer” but all of our sewing machines can play together very nicely in our sewing studios.

What Can We Look Forward to in Season 3?

Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery Season 3

This season, season 3 of Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery, really builds on the first two seasons because we’re exploring a little bit more advanced techniques. We have some different styles of in the hoop projects, and more information about different types of threads, different types of stabilizers, how to hoop difficult projects, etc. We’re really kind of building on our skill set by adding in a few new variables!

Some of my favorite projects from season three here are definitely the glow in the dark pillows that we created—we made these really cute pillows using glow in the dark thread that are a lot of fun! We also made some articulated animals—little freestanding lace designs that have movement. We really played a lot with three-dimensional embroidery techniques and I really enjoyed that. There were also some fun in the hoop projects that I really liked!

Season 3 Trailer

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