So Many Quilt Kits for Sale

So many quilt kits for sale!

Hi, my name is Brenna and I’m addicted to buying quilt kits.

I’m not really addicted, but I do own a lot of them and I keep buying more. I know I don’t need any more, but boy do I love them! To be fair, there are so many quilt kits for sale my stash of them is peanuts by comparison. Don’t worry, I make the kits too–I just seem to snatch them up faster than I can sew them together. I’m expecting my first child in the fall so I know I won’t have the time to devote to holiday quilting that I usually do, so I’m working on my gifts early. Quilt kits are a great way to get me motivated and making.

I am probably more enthusiastic about kits than the average quilter. The very first quilt I finished was from a kit. I’m also amassing a collection; I mean I have more than one large plastic storage box full of kits, which makes a collection, right? I’ve got wall quilts, baby quilts, throw quilts, quilted bags, and little organizers to make for my studio. There’s a lot of aspirational quilting going on in those bins.

What’s so great about quilt kits?

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m so into quilt kits, so I’ll fill you in. I’ll also try to contain my excitement by limiting my response to the three reasons I adore these little gems (and can’t stop adding them to my stash).

Flight Delight Quilt designed by Vivika Hansen DeNegre. I have the quilt kit for this in my stash. I’m so excited to make it!

Love at first sight

Sometimes we fall in love with a quilt, plain and simple. When I peruse quilt patterns for inspiration I’m often thinking about what I would do to make them my own. We all do this when we go to the store to choose our own fabrics rather than buy exactly what is prescribed by the pattern. When I find a quilt that stops me in my tracks, one where I wouldn’t change a seam and there are quilt kits for sale, I probably need to nab one for my collection so I can make that perfect quilt.

Glimmer Glow Quilt designed by Gigi Khalsa. The quilt is gorgeous, but that fabric! I need it.

Fabulous Fabric

We are lucky to have so many amazing fabrics to choose from when making our quilts. I love looking at what the various manufacturers have to offer each season, but with so many options it can be a little overwhelming to make a decision. I’ve always been indecisive, so the trip to the fabric store usually ends up being fraught with hesitation and insecurity in my fabric choices. It’s not unusual for the trip to end in my leaving without buying any fabric so I can think over my options a little more. For this reason, I often buy a quilt kit for the curation of fabrics alone; it’s so convenient and drastically reduces my stress surrounding fabric choice.

My version of the Bartacks Quilt by AGF Studios. I added the row of squares to make my quilt longer.

Creativity within Boundaries

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite thing about kits is the prospect of creativity within boundaries. There are no quilt police, so there’s no one to prevent us from deviating from the pattern included with our quilt kit. Use the fabric to make a completely different quilt of your own design. Or go halfway by making small modifications to the included pattern so you’re left with an end result that’s unique to your quilt style.

Oftentimes, there is extra fabric to act as a buffer in case there is a cutting or sewing mishap. The last time I used a quilt kit to make a gift for my in-laws, I decided to tap into this extra fabric in an effort to make the quilt a little bit bigger. There wasn’t enough fabric to follow the same strip set pattern used for the majority of the quilt so I broke out the graph paper to work on a couple quilt design options. In the end, I added a row of squares to each end of the quilt to create the extra length I desired. I didn’t have to go completely away from the pattern to stretch my creativity and make the quilt my own.

Give Quilt Kits a Try!

Even while writing this blog, I’ve spotted two quilt kits for sale that I’m pretty sure I can’t live without. There are so many kits available at a range of prices and skill levels, you really can’t go wrong. Whether you have every intention of following the pattern to the letter or throwing it out the window to improvise your own design, I hope you’ll enjoy your kits as much as I do!

Happy quilting!


Find a quilt kit that calls to you!

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  • Wayne P

    I love the quilt in the very bright purples with splashes of blues and greens. The blocks outlined in black really make it pop!!

    December 9, 2018 at 7:33 pm

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