Spring Quilt Patterns to Try

spring quilt patterns to try

It’s the time of year where the plants that have wintered in the house get to spend their days (if not the chilly nights) outside in the sun, and every day when I get home from the office I look to see if a crocus has popped it’s little head up, or if the one lonely pansy that has rooted next to my walkway is going to come back again this year.

Sir Robin is back in the yard, teasing my cat on the opposite side of the slider (Robin: 1, Cat: 0). It’s also that time where I begin Easter and Passover preparations—decorating the house, menu planning (I’m an ardent advance menu planner). Eggs abound—signs of spring, symbolic items, as food—and warm breezes are starting to tease this New England native.

Every year spring comes around—even if sometimes we lose hope halfway through February that winter can ever end. To that end, I’m ready to shelve my winter fabrics and pull out spring quilt patterns to celebrate spring and the change of seasons!

“Make a Splash” Table Runner • Sarah Nunes

“Make a Splash” Table Runner • Sarah Nunes

Decorate the table

While I menu plan for weeks in advance, remembering that I was going to make placemats for Easter brunch often gets lost to the last minute. This table runner and placemat set by Sarah Nunes reminds me of eggs or even raindrops (April flowers and all that). I like the rainbow option suggested in the pattern but my china, (you know it’s important to complement your china with your linens, right?) courtesy of my great-grandmother is pale green and pink so I might opt for subtler tones.

“Curvy Dogwood” • Sandy Maxfield

“Curvy Dogwood” • Sandy Maxfield

Flower power

Does spring have you itching to get gardening? Try this “Curvy Dogwood” pattern by Sandy Maxfield. Full confession: I love flowers but a green thumb I have not. I do love to watch our trees bud and flower though, and my husband keeps our plants going strong. Practice your curved piecing with this sunny quilt. Sandy quilted this in a simple grid pattern to juxtapose the curves, but you could go crazy with intricate florals mirroring the piecing.

“Nana’s Star” • Laura Piland

“Nana’s Star” • Laura Piland

Soft and supple

Looking for something a little different to try this season? This pattern by Luara Piland features soft, vintage sheets sourced from flea markets for a stunning star pattern. The soft colors and patterns of the sheets remind me so much of that new growth just pushing through the soil this time of year. Of course, this pattern can be made with regular quilting cotton in your favorite collection as well, but it offers tips for working with vintage fabrics.

Can’t decide on just one of these spring quilt patterns to try?

Grab this collection of spring quilts and make all ten! I’ll just be over here frantically sewing my new placemats while my ham bakes—or—maybe I’ll see some sense and try these quick egg ornaments instead!

Sew long,

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