3 of 6 | Square in a Square Block

Freeform Block of the Month | Jenny Kae Parks | Runtime (14 min)

Square in a Square is a classic block which looks gorgeous in Freeform Block of the Month and would also look amazing with scrappy prints. Jenny shares how to cut four triangles from one square in order to get the patches which go around the center print. The center print is directional, so Jenny discusses how to keep it going uniformly in the same direction throughout your quilt. She also shows tips for matching the triangles to the sides of the center square patch to keep them exactly aligned.


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  • Priscilla C

    I was extremely impressed by Jenny’s extraordinary quilting knowledge. Being a novice quilter, I acquired lots of useful tips and even took notes! I found Jenny very personable and quite eloquent. I am considering taking this course sometime in the near future. One reason is that I was able to get enough immersion in the class through the three lessons to feel confident that I would not only enjoy the class, but would complete it successfully. Thank you Fons and Porter!

    November 22, 2017 at 6:57 am

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