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We all had fun this past Saturday for Moda’s National Jelly Roll Day. Here’s what the editors of McCall’s Quilting and Quiltmaker worked on:

Carolyn Beam
I looked through books on using pre-cut strips in quilts, but I kept coming back to a pattern I designed for McCall’s Quick Quilts Oct/Nov ’17 issue called Vintner’s Bouquet. There’s also a kit for the quilt in the same fabrics that was shown in the magazine. I have made this design several times and love the way it looks in all sorts of different fabrics. I’m using The Front Porch collection, designed by Sherri and Chelsi for Moda Fabrics. I got all the pieces cut and laid out on the floor in my sewing room and have started sewing the rows together.

Anissa Arnold
For National Jelly Roll Day I chose to use Ombre Confetti Metallic and Grunge Hit The Spot from Moda to make a mini-quilt wallhanging. My jelly rolls have an assortment of tone-on-tone polka dots as well as metallic dots on an ombre background. I am using Diane Bohn’s Scrap Attack pattern and have still to decide what size I am making the mini-quilt. It’s a design in progress as you can see!
(click on the images below for more details!)

jelly roll challenge Anissa JR1 150x150 Staff Jelly Roll Challenge – How We Rolled! jelly roll challenge Anissa JR2 150x150 Staff Jelly Roll Challenge – How We Rolled! jelly roll challenge Anissa JR3 150x150 Staff Jelly Roll Challenge – How We Rolled!

Mellisa Mahoney

jelly roll challenge Mellisa JR 300x222 Staff Jelly Roll Challenge – How We Rolled!I chose Moda’s Woof Woof Meow out of my love for dogs. With our Art Production Manager leaving this week I decided to combine three of his favorite things – dogs, cats, and beer (from a Kaufman panel) into a small gift. The block placement is totally random because … well that’s probably what would happen after a beer!

Gigi Khalsa
jelly roll challenge Gigi JR 244x300 Staff Jelly Roll Challenge – How We Rolled!I was lucky enough to spend National Sew a Jelly Roll Day with a jelly roll each of Ombre Confetti Metallic and Grunge Hits the Spot, both from Moda. The fabrics are so beautiful that I spent most of my time arranging the strips, rather than cutting them. This will be a really pretty throw quilt soon!

Mary Kate Karr-Petras
I actually spent more time on National Sew a Jelly Roll Day playing with bits of paper than with fabric. When I chose Sweetwater’s Project Red collection to make my jelly roll project, I did so with specific recipients in mind to whom I’ve been planning to give a quilt this Christmas. And I had a feeling I wanted to make a log cabin quilt, but I wasn’t 100% sure.

Once I unrolled the strips on Saturday and took stock of the different prints and values, I knew I would use them in a log cabin quilt; all I need are nine super-sized 20″ blocks to make a 60″ x 60″ throw. I want the quilt to skew a little more contemporary and sophisticated than folksy and scrappy. Fortunately, the log cabin block is so versatile you can adjust it to any palette and style — it’s hard to go wrong with a log cabin quilt.

I auditioned placement by folding some of the strips and arranging them in a rough log cabin block formation, but I wanted to get a better feel for the overall design before I started cutting and sewing. So I cut 9 small squares of paper, colored them with crayons to represent the blocks and started playing with different layouts.

jelly roll challenge Mary Kate JR Staff Jelly Roll Challenge – How We Rolled!I knew I wanted the reds to predominate and I knew I wanted to use a light solid for contrast, but I didn’t want to leave the low-volume and taupe prints out completely. So after a few variations, I settled on this block design: half red prints, a quarter ivory solid and a quarter taupe/low-volume. (I was very happy to find the right ivory solid in my fabric stash as well as a piece of solid red just big enough for nine 4.5″ squares for the block centers, allowing me to get to work as soon as I’d finalized my design).

This is one block of the nine that I need. I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together, and I’ll share the finished product when it’s done!

Lori Baker
My jelly roll fabric is Moda’s Bloomsbury by Frannie & Jane; the solid fabric is silver Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I choose the pattern Tutti-Frutti from Jelly Roll Quilts in a Weekend by Pam & Nicky Lintott.

jelly roll challenge Lori JR 300x287 Staff Jelly Roll Challenge – How We Rolled!I was excited to spend the day working on my quilt and knowing that hundreds of other quiltmakers across the U.S. were sewing with me.

I kept a close eye on Instagram and Facebook to see what others were doing. I had so much fun! The blocks for my quilt are big. The photo is the first block I finished. I completed four blocks by the time I went to bed and another two on Sunday. I need a total of 12 blocks to make a throw-size quilt like the one in Jelly Roll Quilts in a Weekend but I’m being very tempted to make 25 blocks for a bed-size quilt.

We hope we’ve inspired you to turn those Jelly Rolls into fun quilts! The possibilities are endless. You can find more Jelly Roll inspiration here.

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