Staff Picks: Bonnie Hunter Quilt Patterns

Are you a Bonnie Hunter fan? We are too! I personally love her infectious enthusiasm and think that her “Scrap User System” is inspiring. I am also blessed to work with her in every issue of Quiltmaker through her column Addicted to Scraps.

We wanted to do a roundup of our favorite patterns by the queen of scrap quilts. Of course, I had to ask around the Quilting Company office to see what everyone else liked too—it was a Bonnie lovefest around here today. Here is what my team had to say:

Bonnie Hunter Quilt Patterns

Lazy Sunday

Vanessa Lyman: I love how intensely scrappy this is—I mean, Bonnie Hunter, right? But my favorite part is the secondary pattern of the purple chain coming in from the sides. The pieced border is intense; I admit, I’m a little intimidated, but once I build my stash more, I’m totally trying this one.

Denise Starck: I made Bonnie’s Lazy Sunday quilt pattern in a more planned color palette instead of completely scrappy – it was so much fun and is one of my most favorite quilts!

Bonnie Hunter Quilt Patterns


Anissa Arnold: My favorite Bonnie Hunter pattern is Wanderlust. I love stars, Flying Geese, and scrappy quilts so Wanderlust is heaven for me.

Eileen Fowler If you could see my stash of colorful batik scraps you would totally understand my attraction to Bonnie’s Wanderlust quilt. Stars galore in bright colors against a black background to make them pop—that’s my kind of quilt! I’m wondering why I haven’t made this quilt already!

Bonnie Hunter Quilt Patterns

Punkin Patch

Lori Baker: I love scrap quilts. I especially love string-pieced scrap quilts. Punkin Patch is such a fun fall quilt—and just think how many of my orange scraps I can use to make the pumpkins. Then the pieced border will take a big pile of my green scraps. I’m totally putting this quilt on my to-do list.

Bonnie Hunter Quilt Patterns

Take A Spin

Annette Falvo: I enjoy quilts that are easy but look complicated. Take a Spin is made from two basic units – Flying Geese and triangle-squares. Bonnie’s magic is in her use of fabric placement. This is a pattern that would look great whether it’s made from scraps, precuts, or holiday-themed fabrics!

Bonnie Hunter Quilt Patterns

Blue Ridge Beauty

Tracy Mooney: My personal fave—well, today anyway—is Blue Ridge Beauty. I love how scrappy it is, yet it still looks cohesive. There is something so soothing about a blue quilt. Definitely a quilt I would want to snuggle under!

What is your favorite Bonnie Hunter quilt design? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Happy Quilting!

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