Star Studded Quilts!: Different Sewing Techniques for Different Star Quilt Blocks

star quilt blocks

We love star quilt blocks for the sparkle they bring to quilt designs. And there are so many to choose from! Our quilting heritage gifts us with a twinkling universe of star blocks—Sawtooth Star, Pinwheel Star, Ohio Star, Missouri Star, LeMoyne Star, Friendship Star, Lone Star, Feathered Star… Exploring all the different star quilt blocks could be a lifelong hobby!

Star blocks shine in so many quilts for a reason. Stars are a perfect design for cotton fabric; the simple squares and triangles needed to make stars work well with the straight grain of the fabric. Yet despite a limited range of patchwork shapes, how you construct the quilt block can vastly change the design—and then there’s fabric choice and color placement! There’s no single path to a star quilt block!

In Love of Quilting’s July/August 2019 issue, there are six patterns featuring star quilt blocks, and the techniques used to create those blocks range from paper foundation piecing to stitch-and-flip corners.

Star Quilt Blocks

Indivisible by Diane Harris

Take Indivisible, a Quilt of Valor by Diane Harris. The Friendship Star quilt blocks are a simple design that pairs perfectly with a basic block of striped fabric. The stars are constructed from Triangle Squares, for which you can use the Sew Easy: 8-at-a-Time Triangle Squares technique.

star quilt blocks

Carpenter’s Song by Natalie Crabtree

Natalie Crabtree’s marvelous Carpenter’s Song features a star-within-a-star design based on the Carpenter’s Star quilt block, and we chose to construct is using the Sew Easy: Quick-Pieced Triangle Squares technique.

star quilt blocks

La Grange by Gina Gempesaw

And Gina Gempesaw’s La Grange has patriotically hued stars that use two techniques: Flying Geese and Stitch-and-Flip Corners.

star quilt blocks

Moon Hopper by Angela Huffman

Meanwhile, Angela Huffman’s Moon Hopper, which was featured in episode 3304 of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting, uses paper piecing to create the spectacular stars in the quilt. Angela used an alternate approach for the show, showing how you can use Studio 180 Design’s V Block tool (affiliate link).

The September/October 2019 issue of Love of Quilting sparkles with even more stars.

star quilt blocks

Harvest Sky by Elaine Theriault

Elaine Theriault’s Harvest Sky has Sawtooth Stars built from Quick-Pieced Flying Geese units. What we love about this star is that the large central space lets you Fussy Cut a fun fabric or, as Elaine did, explore some breathtaking machine embroidery options.

star quilt blocks

Star Show by Natalie Crabtree

Natalie Crabtree’s show-stopping Star Show features two very different star blocks, one using templates to create a V-unit and the other relying on 3-Color Hourglass units. Combining the two stars in the design gives it a playful quality, and really lets you show off your star power!

star quilt blocks

Garden Star Swap by Christina McCourt

Christina McCourt’s Garden Star Swap uses a Set-in Seams method. The end result is a spinning, almost circular effect. And this design is such a fabulous stashbuster! You can pull in all kinds of scrap fabrics to create unique blocks, or pull in a designer’s complete fabric collection—it’s a star-studded celebration of fabric!

Let your quilts shine with stars!
Quilting Company Staff

Twinkle, sparkle and shine with Love of Quilting!

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