Stash Wrappings: Ideas for Quilted Gifts and More

When you’ve finished quilting gifts with beautiful fabrics, trims, and notions, doesn’t it seem a shame to cover them up with commercial wrapping?

I say, why not use bits of this and that from your stash to make the wrapping as artistic as the gift inside? Wrapping your handmade and quilted gifts with scraps and fibers from your stash also saves on waste and makes it easier to clean up your studio, because you’re using many items you would otherwise put (or throw) away.

Here are five ideas for wrapping, decorating or tagging gifts for quilters, fiber artists, and anyone else you know who appreciates an artistically wrapped present.

Materials to Gather:

  • Wool or craft felt
  • Scraps from your stash and/or hand-dyed fabrics
  • Embroidery floss
  • Silk, laces, or other fabric ribbon and trim
  • Buttons and found objects
  • Paint pens or fabric markers
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Hand-stitching needles
  • Glue
  • Colorful safety pins

Wrapping, Topper, and Tag Ideas:

1. Wrap with fabric. Fabrics from your stash, fat quarters, or leftover pieces of hand-dyed fabric make beautiful gift wrap that you can use again and again. To hold the wrapping in place, use a glue stick, colorful pins, or a tacking stitch instead of tape. Consider tying up the package with a ripped strip of a contrasting fabric.

holiday gift ideas wrapping with fabric

Pins become part of the handmade wrapping when they’re colorful, and the tiered and stitched felt makes a quick and easy topper.

2. Tie with fabric ribbon. Nothing makes a package look luxurious and special than tying it up with silk ribbon, embroidered trim, or specialty yarns.

3. Top with lace. Skip the bow and top off your package with a piece of vintage lace. White or ecru doilies look great on a simple red box, but you can play with hand-dyed or painted lace and coordinating fabric, too.

4. Felt is your friend. Scraps of wool felt and other fabrics can quickly come together with some hand stitching to give your wrapping a special handmade touch.

gift ideas to make last minute glendening

Candy Glendening stitches up fabric ornaments that can be easily used as gift tags if you add the name.

5. Tag it with a second gift. Stitch or fuse layered fabric scraps in the shape of an ornament, add the recipient’s name and a loop for hanging. Or, create a card with fabric and “stitch” details and the name with a paint pen or fabric marker for a quick tag that can be saved as a keepsake.

easy handmade gifts stitched card mclaughlin

Fuse fabric onto cardstock and “stitch” with a paint pen (and real stitches, if you like) to create a keepsake gift card. By Linda McLaughlin.

Now, that’s a wrap!

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