Stitch by Stitch Reader Challenge

In today’s fast-paced world it can be the sweetest relief to sit down with a piece of cloth, needle, and thread—and simply sew. With all the talk of self-care, stitching fits into many of our readers’ lives in this way. A step back from the hustle and bustle, a quiet moment with a small piece of beautiful fiber. Inspired by Liz Kettle’s ‘Stitch Meditations’ in the October/November issue, we challenge you to take your own snippet of time and create Stitch Meditations that make your heart sing and your soul calm.

Join fellow Quilting Arts readers and create a series of three Stitch Meditations based on the theme, “Stitch by Stitch.” Share your pieces with us and we’ll publish a selection of readers’ artwork in the April/May 2020 issue.


  1. Create a series of three Stitch Meditations based on the theme, “Stitch by Stitch.” The Meditations must each be 4″ x 4″. Embellishments must not protrude more than 1⁄2″ from the surface of the piece. The Meditations may be made with any materials.
  2. Your entry must be free of any text or images protected by copyright, unless you have the expressed written permission from the person or institution that holds the copyright and you provide that permission with your submission.
  3. To be considered for the challenge, attach two jpeg images of your completed entry to an email—one of the three Meditations together, including all of the edges, and one of a detail—by November 17, 2019 to with “Stitch by Stitch” in the subject line. Please include your name, email address, and a brief statement about your pieces in the email. You may submit more than one entry, but each entry must be in an individual email.
  4. To learn tips for photographing your Reader Challenge submission, visit
  5. On November 20, 2019, we will post the finalists here. Please check this post, as artists will not be notified directly.
  6. Finalists’ artwork must arrive in our office by December 6, 2019. Be sure to put your name on each piece of artwork. For safety, place your entry in a plastic bag before packing it for shipping. We reserve the right to keep and possibly display your “Stitch by Stitch” pieces until June 1, 2020. Your artwork will then be returned to you.

NOTE: By submitting your Reader Challenge entry, you are authorizing Peak Media Properties to publish your project in upcoming publications and promotional materials, on our websites and in other e-media, as well as possibly display it at shows. Peak Media Properties will not be held responsible for loss or damage due to circumstances beyond our control.

If you have questions, contact us at

We look forward to seeing your work!

Mark your calendar!

NOVEMBER 17: Emailed submissions are due with jpeg photos.
NOVEMBER 20: Names of finalists will be posted here.
DECEMBER 6: Finalists’ quilts must be received in our offices.
APRIL 2020: Look for a gallery of “Stitch by Stitch” pieces in the April/May 2020 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine!


Header image: “Untitled” (detail) • Liz Kettle | Photo by Hornick Rivlin Studio

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