Stitched Scarves Using Water-Soluble Stabilizers

Use a grid and water soluble stabilizer to make this colorful scarf

Have you always wondered how water-soluble stabilizers really worked? They do seem a little magical and maybe even scary. But the things you can do with water-soluble stabilizers are really astounding!

The truth is, they are really easy to use and there are just a few guidelines to follow, so that when you wash the stabilizer away, the threads, yarns, or fabrics you used remain intact and as pretty as you intended.

Ribbon Scarf from the Sensational Scarves course

Ribbon Scarf from Sensational Scarves

Basically, water-soluble stabilizers are just a foundation to build your project on. You need something to support your project while you add your chosen elements. But you want your elements to shine. You don’t want to see any yucky stabilizer showing through. The wonder of water-solubles is just that. They’re gone and your art or craft remains.

In the Sensational Scarves course, we’ll give you detailed step-by-step, full-color directions with a companion video that walks you through each project. They build on each other; so we start with the simplest and continue to add elements that allow you to expand your own portfolio of projects.

You don’t even have to want to teach to truly love this course. Half of the students who take our Certified Teacher course, take them because they love them. It’s structured so that you will have a “Scarf-A-Month” to teach if you want. But if that’s not your thing, then you will still have instructions and videos for 13 (a baker’s dozen) scarves all made on various water-soluble stabilizers. We use 4 different kinds of water-soluble stabilizers to create these scarves; aren’t we so lucky to have these options today?

Confetti Ribbon Scarf

The Confetti Ribbon Scarf makes for a gorgeous bonus project!

Not to date myself too much, but not that long ago there was just one weight of water-soluble stabilizer—Solvy®, the lightest weight. We couldn’t have done any of these scarves or techniques with just that stabilizer. Although, I will confess we had a secret way of ironing layers of that together to try to get a heavier stabilizer. But none of that is necessary today with all the great choices.

Please join us on this journey. I promise you won’t regret it. There are lots of “machine-fed” techniques that anyone can do. Some scarves are made with just decorative stitches on your machine. There is some free-motion work on three of the scarves, but it’s not complex. And the trunk show is to-die-for!  You will be “sew” inspired.

Patti Lee
Sulky Online Course Manager


Featured image: Detail of “Grided Waterfall Scarf”

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