Successful Free-motion Machine Quilting | Lessons

Successful Free-motion Machine Quilting

A quilting motif such as Scalloped Teardrop Quilting is very flexible and can be adapted to fit any space on your quilt. Follow these guidelines for successful free-motion machine quilting.

  • For variety across your quilt, change the direction of your quilting motif frequently.
  • When making the teardrops, frequently change the direction of the first teardrop so some will loop from right to left and some from left to right. This will change the side of the motif where the quilting will end and will aid in traveling across your quilt.
  • As you’re quilting the scallops around the teardrops, stop anywhere along the second row and start quilting in another direction if desired.

  • To fill a small space on your quilt, quilt 1 or 2 teardrops.

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