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So many of us have T-shirts that mean something to us and we hold on to them, storing them away in boxes or in the back of our closets. A great way to assemble all of your beloved T-shirts in one place, and proudly show them off, is by creating a T-shirt quilt!

These types of quilts have been around for a while, but sometimes quilters aren’t sure how to make a T-shirt quilt. Easy! Making a quilt from T-shirts is a great way to preserve your memories and we can show you how. Plus, keep reading for a couple of tips on preparing and quilting with T-shirts…

Expert quilters are here to guide you through the T-shirt quilts DIY process: Jodie Davis, Marianne Fons, Liz Porter, Sara Gallegos, Susan Brubaker Knapp and Martha DeLeonardis will provide you with expert knowledge and how-to instruction.

To give you an idea of what you’ll be learning, here’s what Jodie Davis will offer in the first lesson:

  • Turn T-shirts into suitable quilt patches using a stabilizer.
  • Cut out your T-shirts to make use of the motif.
  • Piece t-shirts together and add sashings and border.

As a bonus, you’ll receive 3 free quilt patterns as digital downloads, all of which are associated with your lessons. What a great way to showcase your memories! With the holidays approaching, these make heartfelt and meaningful gifts, as well.

Quilted Memories -- T-Shirt Quilts DIY

Before embarking on your quilting adventure, here are a couple of tips to remember:

TIP 1: Don’t use fabric softener when washing T-shirts for quilts. It prevents fusible interfacing from adhering properly.

TIP 2: Be aware that both fusible interfacing and T-shirt cotton are more stretchy in one direction than the other. Test your interfacing and your T-shirt piece to see which way they stretch. Then, fuse them with stretchier directions positioned opposite ways.

Register today for the DIY T-Shirt Quilts Craft U course! There’s a wealth of information offered in this online class on making a quilt from T-shirts. And, once you have this knowledge, it’s yours forever and you can create even more memories with your gorgeous quilts.

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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