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Fabric dyed by Candy Glendening featured in Quilting Arts Magazine that I can’t wait to show my sister.
The two of us in dresses made by our crafty mom, circa 1965.

This year I’m celebrating the first day of fall with my sister. Our sisterhood comes with many shared benefits: as kids we shared a great childhood and birthday celebrations just a month apart. We both love sewing, travel, and reading… activities that have strengthened a friendship that has blossomed in our adult lives. We share a love for the outdoors, and a love for art. We share clothes (still!), recipes, a fondness for chocolate, and even a few secrets. Sisters all the way!

For the past five years, I’ve shared magazine I’ve worked on with her. She’s not necessarily an art quilter but loves to dabble in the fiber arts by making occasional baby quilts, patchwork projects (including a gorgeous carrying case for her son’s mandolin made from Japanese obi) and home décor. My daily work – magazines in particular – are always a subject of conversation on our Autumn trips.

As the seasons change this year, my sister and I will be heading to New Hampshire for a women’s retreat. We’ll be hiking, biking, and camping on the first day of fall (her birthday). I can’t wait to share these activities with her! But how can I carry all of my camping equipment, hiking boots, rain gear, AND still have room in my backpack for the latest issues of Quilting Arts she hasn’t yet seen? I know, I’ll download the digital issues onto my tablet… much lighter than lugging the printed copies and we can enjoy them together around the campfire.

Yes, we actually do both have the same shirt. Luckily, this is the only occasion we wore them at the same time!

I’ve collected my favorite issues of magazines digitally to reduce the amount of paper and clutter in my studio, and love that they are now so much more portable and easily accessible.

Wish us luck this weekend as we hike and bike through the New Hampshire hills!




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