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Free guide to how to hand quilt

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Free guide to hand quilting techniquesChildren used to learn how to quilt by hand at their mother’s or grandmother’s knee. Starting at a very early age, children were taught how to hand sew, making basic patchwork for small projects like doll quilts. But in the modern world, the art of quilting by hand has become something of a novelty. Rotary cutting and machine quilting are certainly fast, but there’s something very special about hand sewn quilts. Whether it’s piecing, appliqueing, or quilting by hand, even many accomplished quilters are not familiar with the pleasures and pride associated with hand quilting.

If you are interested in learning more about how to make a quilt by hand, you’ll love this free eBook from The Quilting Company. From choosing the right thread to pretty hand quilting designs, you’ll find all of this useful information to help you learn how:

  • Selecting the Right Thread: Editor Lori Baker reviews 27 threads often used for hand stitching, including embroidery flosses, perle cottons, cotton and polyester sewing threads, and specialty threads. With easy-to-understand information on sizes, weights, performance, and more, Lori’s article will help you understand the world of hand quilting thread before you make your first stitch!
  • Mosaic Patchwork Bonanza: Jinny Beyer is an internationally renowned quilter, quilting teacher, and author, and she makes her award-winning quilts by hand. Who better to introduce you to the fine art of hand piecing? Four mesmerizing classic quilt patterns are given in this article, along with historical notes about each. Best of all, every template needed for every design is included as well! All the designs in this article are from Jinny’s book, The Quilters Album of Patchwork Patterns: More Than 4050 Pieced Blocks for Quilters (Breckling Press, 2009).
  • Barbara Fritchie’s Star: A classic patchwork block, Barbara Fritchie’s Star, is set on point to create extra interest in this small quilt, fun to piece by hand or machine. This complete quilt pattern includes a hand quilting design perfect for beginning hand quilters. Make your quilt top by hand or machine and then get out your hand quilting thread and learn to quilt by hand with this traditional design!

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Hand sewn quilts are instant heirlooms. Family members and friends will be amazed when you tell them their gift quilt was made by hand! And if you’d rather keep your handmade quilts for your own home, who could blame you? If you weren’t one of the lucky few who learned how to quilt by hand from a family member, this free eBook can help you become a hand quilter.

Don’t miss your chance to learn how to sew a quilt by hand with these valuable free articles from The Quilting Company!
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Learn how to select the right thread for your hand quilting pattern

“Selecting the Right Thread” by Lori Baker

We conducted a test of threads commonly used for hand work in quilting. We tested thread for hand quilting as well as appliqu and embroidery. In this article, we include ratings of 27 thread types, and additional information on size and weight ratings, dyeing processes, and more. Threads from famous manufacturers like Valdani, DMC, Aurifil, Presencia, Sulky, Coats & Clark, and Superior were among those tested. Thread types reviewed include:

  • Embroidery floss
  • Perle cotton
  • Silk cord, and more!

Mosaic Patchwork Bonanza pattern: hand quilting

“Mosaic Patchwork Bonanza” by Jinny Beyer

Many quilt designs are created by making separate quilt blocks and then joining them together. Not these four hand quilting patterns! A mosaic pattern “does not fall into blocks, but just goes on and onIt is made entirely of scraps joined on just as they come to hand.” (Laura Wheeler, 1933) These mosaic designs are ideal hand quilting patterns. Detailed instructions for preparing hand piecing templates and patches are included in the article. Piecing diagrams and templates are provided for the following four mosaic designs:

  • Orange Peel, Laura Wheeler, Cincinnati Enquirer, 1934
  • Rainbow Flower, Laura Wheeler, Illinois State Register, 1933
  • The Painted Daisy, Home Art Studios, World Herald, 1934
  • The Gay Cosmos, Home Art Studios, World Herald, 1934

Barbara Fritchie's Star Pattern

“Barbara Fritchie’s Star” by Georgina Fries

Barbara Fritchie’s Star is a classic patchwork quilt block, inspired by the story of a Civil War heroine. While the block and this quilt top can be pieced either by hand or machine, the addition of lovely hand quilting designs to the finished quilt top is what takes this project to the next level. This wall quilt is a great place to practice or learn how to hand quilt, and we have provided a lovely design for you to use.

  • Finished Size: 34 x 25 1/2
  • Finished Blocks: 12 (6) blocks
  • Project Rating: Confident Beginner

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