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How do you celebrate your birthday… when you are 10?

Editors Vivika Hansen DeNegre and Kristine Lundblad are joined by Host Susan Brubaker Knapp and our Bernina expert Jeannine Cook-Delpit in the green room during the QATV taping.

I remember my 10th birthday with great fondness. As an October baby (born the day before Halloween!) I always had a layer cake shaped like a pumpkin and decorated with orange frosting. No sparkles or sprinkles like my sister’s cake, and certainly not the elaborate gingerbread made for my younger brother who was born a week before Christmas. Just a pumpkin cake… and I liked that distinction. Yet, by the time I turned 9 ¾, I must have expressed the desire for a “grown-up cake” to my mother, and she came through because I had my first non-pumpkin cake, complete with fluffy boiled frosting (sounds gross, but it is delicious) and plenty of bling scattered on top. And my gift? A portable tape recorder, the newest must-have gadget in 1973.

Ribbons were created by Susan Brubaker Knapp in celebration of our 10th Anniversary Season.

Fast forward a few decades, and we’re celebrating another 10th birthday: Happy Birthday to the Quilting Arts TV show! Ten years of amazing guests, in-depth design tutorials, happy color accidents, embellishments galore, and most importantly, friendships. From the beginning of the series with host Pokey Bolton, we all fell in love with a format that showcased art quilting in a unique setting–the artist’s studio. Pokey’s vision for the show formed a tribe of eager fans who were always willing to try a new technique they’d seen demonstrated on QATV. I remember seeing fabric dyeing for the first time on the show and thinking, “I can do that!” QATV was truly groundbreaking. I know I’m not alone in saying I cut my teeth as an art quilter by watching the show.

As QATV evolved over the years and a new host, Susan Brubaker Knapp, joined in 2015. The production studio moved a few miles from its original location and some of the staff has changed, but we’re still demonstrating, learning, and playing on (and off). And the guests, whose work is truly at the forefront of art quilting and surface design, continue to amaze and delight.

Join us as we celebrate 10 years of Quilting Arts TV with a lineup of contemporary quilters from near and far, as you “Make time for quilting, every day!”


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