The World of Tilda: Projects, Fabrics & More

Tilda Quilts to make at home

Like a fresh wind blowing through the trees on a beautiful spring day, Tilda projects are warm, refreshing, whimsical, and romantic.

If you’ve not met Tilda, you are in for quite a treat! This brand is, as the creator puts it, ‘perfectly imperfect’. With Tilda, you can enter a world full of warm colors, beautiful florals, fun characters, and projects for every occasion. Originally started as a fabric company, the Tilda brand was formed in 1999 by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger, and has grown to encompass fabrics, ribbons, buttons, kits, accessories, and books.  Whether you’ve already fallen in love with Tilda or have never glimpsed one of her designs, we invite to you step inside the world of Tilda and take a look around.

Meet the Designer of Tilda

Tone Finnanger is a Norwegian native, hailing from Oslo and now living on an island in the Oslo fjord where she creates Tilda designs. With a background in fine art and graphic design, Tilda was born as more than a brand, but as a lifestyle for Tone. The fabric designs and stunning projects showcase her love for the whimsical and romantic – she describes it “like a ball gown worn with wellies.” Through her passion Tone has gathered a team of talented individuals to make the world of Tilda what it is today.

The Tilda Team at International Quilt Festival 2017

The Tilda team won Best New Exhibitor in the USA at the 2017 International Quilt Market in October. Here is the team excepting their award. Image is from the International Quilt Association. (Tone Finnanger, third from left.)

Tilda Fabrics

Tone’s love of design shines through in the whimsical prints of her fabric collections. From beautiful florals to more rustic animal prints, the fabrics have their own unique personality that isn’t seen in other fabric brands. Each fabric collection is unique, but they all complement each other, lending perfectly to mixing-and-matching.

Fabric from two different Tilda collections

Fabric from Tilda’s many collections. The right features her Cottage Collection and the left features her Bumblebee Collection.

Tilda Notions

No project is complete until the final button is sewn in place or that last bit of trim is added. The team at Tilda creates buttons, ribbons, thread, and more notions that perfectly pair with the fabrics making it easy to finish each of your Tilda projects in style.

Tilda Projects

Quilters and sewists alike love the Tilda projects and it’s easy to see why. They range from simple pin cushions and fun dolls to stuffed animals and bed-sized quilts. You could style your whole home with all the projects that Tilda offers and you will want to after seeing the gorgeous images.

Tilda Projects like these are sure to inspire!

Quilting projects from Tilda include beautiful full quilts, pillows, and even Christmas stockings. Patterns on the left and right come from Tilda Sewing by Heart and the center quilt pattern comes from Tilda’s Seaside Ideas.

The Characters of Tilda

Tilda is not just a fabric brand with pretty projects. Tilda is a world with its very own characters. From the iconic slim dolls to the long-limbed animals (including rabbits, foxes, and monkeys), these characters carry along the whimsy of Tilda everywhere they go. By creating your own Tilda character you too enter this wonderfully whimsical world.

Explore sewing stuffies with these adorable Tilda characters

Tilda’s iconic doll and her other critters make for adorable decorations or sweet gifts.

Tilda Books

Bringing the beauty of Tilda to life, Tone Finnanger’s books theme her fabrics, projects, characters, and accessories together into one collection. From seasonal inspiration to locations like the seaside, these books offer something for everyone. Discover unique titles, such as Tilda Sewing by HeartTilda’s Toy Box, Homemade and Happy, and Tilda’s Seasonal Idea Collection.

Explore the entire world of Tilda with all the wonderful books available now at the Quilting Company.

Bring Tilda into your world when you add these books to your library!


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      Hi Judy,
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