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Tia quilted Vivika’s Snail Trail quilt on her Gammil longarm using a modern edge-to-edge design.

We all know it can be a balancing act finding time to quilt in between work and family time. There are so many quilts to be made, it and often it seems as if there is so little time to make them all. This is just one reason why sending your quilt to a long arm quilter can be so helpful.

Working with a longarm quilter means more time for piecing quilt tops–which is my favorite part of quilting. Lately, I’ve gone a little quilt kit crazy so I’ve got a lot of quilts on my to-do list!

Traditionally, I’ve always machine quilted on my domestic sewing machine which works great with smaller projects. But after a few hours of maneuvering my larger bed quilts, I end up getting frustrated (and more than a little grumpy).

If you too have experienced this irritation or if you simply want to move on to piecing your next quilt, you won’t want to miss these tips for working with a longarmer from award-winning longarm quilter Tia Curtis.

Detail of Tia’s quilting on Vivika’s Snail Trail quilt.

Here are Tia’s top tips for collaborating with a longarmer:

  • Do your research: Work with a quilter whose technique and price match your expectations.
  • Ask for references: Or look at the quilter’s website–a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Put it in writing: This clarifies things for both client and quilter.
  • Trim backing to size: Make sure the back of your quilt is square and the size requested by your quilter.
  • Prep before shipping: Press the quilt and trim away loose threads.
  • Spread the word: Always credit the quilter on your quilt label and when you show your work.

Tia and our Editorial Director Vivika Hansen DeNegre have collaborated on several quilts together so they’ve teamed up to write an entire article about collaborative quilting. Order your copy of the Winter 2017 issue of Modern Patchwork magazine for their entire article which is chock full of helpful hints. Or download the digital magazine today to peruse 21 cool projects just in time for the New Year.

Happy quilting!

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