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Sewing machine set up and ready to use in Amy Gunson’s 125-square-foot travel trailer.

Feeling a little confined in your quilting space? I always do. For some reason, no matter how much space I have dedicated to my quilting projects it never seems to be enough.

If you’re like me, you could use a little help reorganizing your space and supplies so you have plenty of room to make bold quilts in the space you’ve got.

No stranger to optimizing small spaces for quilting, Amy Gunson lives and quilts in a Winnebago. By living in a 125-square-foot travel trailer, she realized that space was at a premium so she had to learn how to store and effectively utilize her tools, fabric, and space.

Here are Amy’s top tips for organizing and quilting in a small-space studio:

  • Think less how you store things and more about what you store.
  • Careful selection and versatility are key when purchasing supplies.
  • Look for furniture with a small footprint that maximizes utility and storage.
  • Save space by using shallow drawers to organize quilting tools.
  • Fabrics should be visible and accessible.
  • Choose quilting techniques that complement small-space creation.
Try swapping out your full-sized iron for travel-sized. Store your fabric and thread in clear plastic bins so you can see (and use) what you have.

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