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Whenever the seasons change, I make an effort to put together new hand sewing projects. Last winter I organized three portable projects and left them in my car, near my favorite chair, and by my desk. I find hand sewing so relaxing because it takes minimal physical effort and while I sew my mind can wander.

This detail of ‘At the Market’ by Marianne Burr shows
how she creates texture with hand stitching.

For whatever reason, I actually did almost no handwork the entire winter. But after attending Spring Quilt Market in Portland, my hands are itching to do some needlecraft projects.

I’ve been hand stitching since I was a child, but I’m always on the alert for techniques to make sewing easier. For some reason (ahem) threading the needle seems to get more challenging each year.

So I was happy to come across these hand stitching tips from quilting expert Marianne Burr in a blog post by former assistant editor Lindsey Murray McClelland. Maybe they’ll help you, too.

Hints for threading hand sewing needles:

  • Waxing the thread really helps reduce tangling. Pull the thread over the block of wax.
  • Pinch the very end of the thread between your thumb and a finger and put the needle onto the thread. Just push the needle over the thread, between your fingers, without moving your fingers
  • The needle eye is different on each side, and one side is easier to thread than the other. If you’re having trouble, turn the needle over.
  • The thread has a twist just like a rope. One end of the thread will enable the needle to slip over it more easily than the other. If you’re having trouble, try the other end of the thread.

Armed with these tips and a handy hand sewing travel bag, I am set to take my hand sewing projects with me wherever I go this summer.

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P.S. What other needle threading and hand sewing tips do you have? Please share them below.

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