Toddler Quilts = Family Treasures

My mother-in-law, Onie, was a wonderful woman. She loved her kids and her grandkids and she loved to quilt. That was a perfect combination for really special quilts for my children.

My oldest son got this fun toddler quilt when he was just two. I loved the quilt and eventually got the pattern for it from Onie. We have things so much easier now than quiltmakers did then.

The original pattern.

Onie’s pattern was from Family Circle magazine. Onie transferred it to an old roll-up window shade. She drew part of the pattern in pencil and part of it in felt-tipped pen.

Onie’s full-size drawing.

Onie was a hand quilter. Look at the fun waves she made in the water area.

Quilted waves.

One of my favorite things is the label that Onie embroidered. She didn’t typically label her quilts. That makes this label even more special.

Onie’s quilt label.

My son absolutely treasures this quilt. We used it on his bed for a few years but then I was smart enough to put it away as a keepsake. A few years after he left home, I gave it to him and he’s kept it safe ever since.

Chase’s toddler quilt.

If you’d like to see the story of another of Onie’s quilts, check out my blog The Grandma Who Can Fix Anything.

David’s toddler quilt.

Do you have a special someone you want to make a toddler quilt for? Here are a few pattern suggestions.

Zoe Zebra is one of my favorites.

Zoe Zebra by Deb Grogan.

Or how about Georgie Giraffe? Or Monkey Madness?

Georgie Giraffe by Deb Grogan.

Monkey Madness by DeElda Wittmack.

Be sure to label your toddler quilt before you present it to your special little friend. The label is part of what makes it special.

Happy quilting,

Lori Baker

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  • Julie H

    My mother nade a number of those Noah Ark quilts from the family circle magazine shown. Mom always said the pattern was somewhere in her sewing room. When she passed my sister and I looked high and low for it. My daughter still has the one mom made for her. I am delighted to see it and wonder if I could get a copy of it since we never found the one in moms sewing room.
    Julie Henry

    November 8, 2018 at 2:58 am

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