Together with Family

I’m sure that most of you are like me – your families are SO important to you. And like me – I bet you treasure the times you can get together.

My husband and I have a LARGE family with 5 children, 4 spouses, 9 living grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. So, getting everyone together is a big deal.

All the time when I was growing up until my late 20’s, every year for New Year’s Day, the whole family gathered at my grandmother’s home. It was a huge get-together with my grandmother’s siblings and in-laws and all of their offspring who could get there. The food was potluck (and most of it was absolutely wonderful.)

There was a generational “gathering” arrangement. The women, the toddlers and infants were in the kitchen, the older men in the living room, the younger men on the back porch, teenagers upstairs, and pre-teens were in the basement. In later years, when one of my cousins built a home within walking distance, football fans went to her house to watch the games. I think we are missing something now – when our families are so many miles apart that such a gathering is nearly impossible.

My husband and I try to get our family together for Thanksgiving and for New Year’s Day. Yes, that’s right, we don’t do a get together on Christmas. I love Grandma’s idea of making the special day New Year’s Day, so the kids can spend Christmas with their spouse’s families. I hope it makes the holidays easier for all of them.

I’m not a fancy entertainer. I don’t have china or fancy stemware or “good” silverware. At Grandma’s gatherings, there was so much food, there was no room for pretty things on the table but with our smaller crowd, I do try to make things look festive with table toppers or table runners, flowers, and/or candles.

We’ve put together a bundle of table toppers/table runners from a number of our magazines to make your table look extra special for your family gatherings.


And here are images of all the patterns in the collection. Maybe you’d like to make a couple of them to spruce up your table in time for your next family gathering.


Summertime Rolls, Welcome to the Table, Garden Spools, Sunday Sunrise, Army Star

Summer Shandy, Home Sweet Farm, Spring Table

Summer Shandy, Home Sweet Farm, Spring Table

And, here is an eBook with 6 holiday table runner patterns for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and more.

So, go ahead, make something fun for your table. They are small projects, they don’t take long, and they’ll really add something special to the look at your house the next time your family gathers around.

Happy quilting,

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