Top 10 Quilting Rulers & Templates – Increase Quilting Accuracy!

Quilters have come a long way since the dawn of quilting. We are advanced in quilting techniques, quilting rulers, notions and tools, and have great quilting video tutorials, quilting courses and classes to share our skills with one another. One of the greatest quilting inventions to date is quilting supplies, namely quilting templates.

Quilting accessories are in abundance these days and it’s not always easy to find the one you’re looking for when presented with so many! It’s like going to a restaurant with a really big menu – how are you supposed to choose? We’re narrowing down the quilting templates we like to use to 10 of our current favorites, with accompanying video tutorials, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

10) Tumbler Template
This template ensures accurately cut pieces for tumbler quilts. These old-fashioned quilts were made regularly in the 1870s and became popular again in the 1930s and 40s. Today, we’re equal opportunity quilters, and these quilts can be seen in all types of quilts.


9) Glorified Nine-Patch Template Set
This set of acrylic templates increases accuracy when cutting pieces for the Glorious quilt pattern, creating 9″ quilt blocks. Glorified Nine Patch quilt patterns have been around for a very long time, but Glorious gives the traditional Nine Patch quilt block a contemporary look. You may have caught Glorious in Episode 2713 of Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting TV show. This quilt is famous!


8) Apple Core Template
Use the Fons & Porter Apple Core Template to cut pieces for two great quilts: To The Core (includes helpful Sew Easy instructions) and Core Connection. You can see this quilt in the background of the video below. Core Connection includes easy curved seam instructions and is something special—that’s why we featured it in the 2700 series of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting TV show!


7) Wonky Nine Patch Template Set
A unique twist on your traditional Nine Patch blocks – that’s what you get with this acrylic template set. These templates are easy to use with your rotary cutter and includes how-to photographs in the instructions. But, the below quilting video tutorial is a great way to see how these templates work, as well. Watch through to the end to see just how fabulous your Wonky Nine Patch blocks will look! Looking for a great way to use your template? The Willy Wonky quilt pattern is the way to go.


6) Twisted Triangle Template
This template puts a spin on the traditionally pieced hexagon. A pinwheel is formed when gentle curves come together and are joined into a hexagon. The perfect quilt for this template? The Twisted Triangles quilt, of course! If you want a quicker, more festive take on this quilt, try the Twisted Triangles table quilt pattern.


5) Pine Burr Template Set
This four-piece template is used to create 17¾” Pine Burr quilt blocks. But, you can make the process even simpler by skipping the cutting (those pieces are a little tricky!) and get your pieces pre-cut. The Pine Burr pre-cut quilt kit includes 1,260 pieces and allows you to get straight to the sewing. Before you know it, you have a lovely traditional throw size quilt. If you’re itching to use your template, however, grab the Pine Burr quilt pattern and get started!


4) Double Wedding Ring Template Set
Do you have a Double Wedding Ring quilt on your quilting bucket list? Most quilters do – they’re challenging quilts to make and involve a lot of pieces! Use this template when you’re working on the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern to speed up the cutting. If you’d prefer to eliminate cutting these pieces altogether, there are two pre-cut quilt kits that include 2,003 laser-cut, notched pieces: the Batik Double Wedding Ring quilt kit and the 1930s Double Wedding Ring quilt kit. These pre-cut quilt kits allow you to get straight to the sewing! Whichever approach you take, reaching your goal of making a Double Wedding Ring quilt can happen now.


3) Pickle Dish Template Set
This template makes larger quilt blocks, 15″ quilt blocks in fact – larger than your traditional Pickle Dish quilt blocks. Big block quilts are pretty fun, like the ones in the Folk Dance quilt, which you can see in the background of the quilting video tutorial below. They’re easier to piece in traditional quilts and contemporary quilts alike. This template set includes three pieces and makes beautiful quilts!


2) Peter and Paul Template Set
This two-piece template set is used to create 7½” finished quilt blocks. This template set is generally used for traditional quilt patterns and works well with two-color quilts. Pre-cut 10″ squares are the perfect size to cut one block from each. A perfect quilt pattern for this template set is Changing Places (seen in the video below)!


1) Bloc Loc Templates!
The Bloc Loc Triangle-in-a-Square and Bloc Loc Kite-in-a-Square rulers are awesome! The Bloc Loc Triangle-in-a-Square System helps even beginning quilters construct triangle-in-a-square units quickly and accurately. Two oversized cutting templates and a double grooved trimming ruler lock onto both seams. The Bloc Loc Kite-in-a-Square System lets you create quilt blocks with the dramatic kite-in-a-square shape easily and quickly with a precision point in the corner. Take a look at the Fairy Floss quilt—the perfect quilt pattern to try out your new Bloc Loc quilting rulers!


Those are the latest and greatest quilting rulers and you may just find the quilt of your dreams as you explore these products.

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter

Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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