Turn Fabric Scraps into Decorative Storage Containers

Corseted Can Covers

Here’s a fun and easy project that will not only help you use up large fabric scraps but will serve as a useful decoration in your studio, bedroom, or a college dorm. You could even piece the covers from smaller scraps for a patchwork effect.

This project was created by Megan Lapp for Studios Magazine back in 2008, and it has always been one of my favorites:

Corseted Can Covers

  • Scissors
  • 1 can – a cleaned out soup can or a new one purchased from a craft store
  • Fabric – approximately 5¾” × 12″ for use with a purchased can or approximately 5″ × 9″ for use with a soup can (Adjust the measurements to your can, adding a ½” seam allowance on all sides.)
  • Marking pen or pencil
  • Pins
  • Small hammer
  • Eyelet applicator tool
  • 1 package of ¼” eyelets in your chosen metal finish (gold, silver, antique)
  • 40″ of ribbon


1. Fold over and pin a ½” hem on the long sides of the fabric. Sew the edges that you just pinned. Remove the pins as you sew.

2. Pin the remaining 2 sides with ½” hems. At the corners, fold them in as though you were wrapping a gift, creating a sharp corner.

3. Sew the 2 sides that you just pinned.

4. Turn the fabric over to the wrong side and with a pen or fabric pencil, mark five small circles ¼” in diameter onto your fabric. Take care to keep the circles in line and make them evenly spaced. Cut out the circles.

5. In each hole, fasten 1 eyelet using the eyelet tool and a hammer. This should result in 10 eyelets, 5 on opposite ends of the rectangle of fabric.

6. Wrap the fabric rectangle around your can. Starting at the bottom 2 eyelets, lace the can with your ribbon, as though you were lacing shoes. At the top 2 holes, tie a bow with the ribbon.

Lindsey Murray McClelland demonstrated how to make this fabric art project on episode 1004 of Quilting Arts TV and gave more tips for creative studio organization and storage. In the same episode, Ellen Anne Eddy also demonstrated free-motion techniques for making flower motifs and Ana Buzzalino presented a tutorial on using a basic free-motion machine quilting design in different configurations for interesting effects.

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