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It’s rare that positions come open on our editorial staff—we’re fortunate to work with a team of dedicated people who love their jobs! But once in a while things happen, and we find ourselves in need of a new editor. And so the search begins. It’s not easy to find someone who quilts with experience writing/editing patterns and who lives close enough to our Golden, CO offices to come in every day. I’m thrilled to welcome Anissa Arnold to our team. You’ll see her name popping up in the magazine and on our blog. I asked her to tell our readers a little bit about herself so you could get to know her. So, without further adieu, welcome Anissa!

Anissa Arnold, Associate Editor, Quiltmaker

Anissa’s Backstory…

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky in a DIY household. I watched my parents build and create things around the house as a child and was, of course, expected to be the constant apprentice (in other words, free help!).   Naturally, as a child, I found this to be a terribly annoying way to spend my time but now as a “grown up” I am grateful for the underlying lesson – you can do anything you want, you just have to believe that you can do it and then go for it. This, in short, is how I became a Colorado quilter.

On a road trip across the Western U.S. in college I drove into Colorado and immediately knew that I was meant to be here. I returned to Kentucky, finished college, packed up a U-Haul and then drove my dogs and myself back across Kansas to settle in Denver.  It was in Denver that I met a good friend who introduced me to quilting and hockey (strange combo, I know!). Little did I know at that time that I would become an obsessive quilter and a very enthusiast but mediocre hockey player.

Soon after arriving in Denver, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to move up into the mountains and spent the next 11 years living in Vail. I owned and operated an Interior Design Workroom for a living but spent all of my spare time exploring the mountains, trying to play hockey and quilting. My quilting career started out with many simple, “mountain-y” feeling quilts – quilts with darker, cozy fabrics, oftentimes flannels and almost always with some type of a mountain theme. Sometime around 2006-07 there was a shift in quilting fabric design and brighter, more contemporary fabrics started to become available…and my quilting skills had improved significantly. I found myself drawn to these rich, candy-like, brighter colors and more complex quilting patterns. In recent years, I moved back to Denver and am currently obsessed with finding the perfect brown fabric to use for backgrounds. A nice, luxurious brown grounds the strong, vibrant colors that I like to use for piecing/applique and also makes the colors and shapes of the pieces really “pop” and define themselves.

Thanks, Anissa, and welcome to our team!

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