Welcome to Your Saturday Morning Quilt Break!

Good morning and welcome to your Saturday!

This is one of my favorite times of the week, when the weekend is spread out before me and I feel like I can accomplish all the things I’m not able to get to during the work week, from cleaning to sewing to relaxing to spending time with my family.

Of course, real life still happens on the weekends and I’m never able to do everything I want to. By Sunday night, I consider myself successful if I’ve managed to do some sewing, if I’ve gotten my girls out of the house for a few hours, and if I’m leaving my house marginally cleaner than I found it on Friday evening.

But on Saturday morning, I enjoy feeling as if the weekend is my oyster. During summer vacation, my two daughters (who are about to start 3rd grade and kindergarten, respectively) get onto a late schedule and sometimes sleep in until 8:30 in the mornings. When that happens on the weekend, I try to take advantage of the peace and quiet by quickly getting a cup of coffee and heading downstairs to try to get some uninterrupted sewing done. Now mind you, this doesn’t happen all the time. I am by nature more of a night owl than an early bird, and usually take advantage of the peace and quiet after bedtime to do the bulk of my sewing.

The view from my window

But when the weather is warm and the sun comes up early, I really enjoy sewing first thing in the morning. My sewing space is in what was originally intended to be a guest room; it still serves that function when necessary but more often than not, my projects and supplies take over.

Our house is a split-level and the bottom floor is partially subterranean, meaning the windows in the guest room are both at eye level and just a few inches above the ground. If I’m lucky, I can catch the mingled scent of juniper and lavender when I open the window to let in some fresh air. We live on a fairly quiet residential street so at that hour I mostly only hear birds (in addition to the sound of my sewing machine) and can watch rabbits nibbling the grass from just a few feet away. It doesn’t take long before my daughters wake up and come find me to help get their Saturdays going. But for maybe an hour or so, I get to spend some time not as an editor, not as Mom, but simply as a quilter.

It’s that sense of identity we’ll be focusing on in these Saturday Morning Quilt Break blog posts, how what we do on a personal level is intertwined with other quilters and the world around us. I love to keep up with current events in the quilting world and will share stories I think are fun and interesting. I have a list of folks and museum exhibits I want to feature in this space as well, all with the goal of helping you feel that—whenever it happens—your free time is your oyster, too, and that the things you create matter.

Until next Saturday, I hope you’re able to carve out some time to make something you love, no matter what it is.

Mary Kate

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