2 of 6 | Western Star, London Roads, and Four Corners Star Blocks

Urban Basix Block of the Month | Jenny Kae Parks | Runtime (28 min)

The western star quilt block is comprised of nine units. Jenny shows how to assemble the corner units which have three patches, the center unit which is the same as the center of a courthouse steps block, and the side units which are three-color pinwheels. The London roads block also has nine units, and the corner units are similar to pinwheels but with one key difference. The side units are made from three rectangular strips, and the center unit is a single square patch. For the Four corners star block, the corner and side units are the same as in the western star block, but the center is a two-color pinwheel. Jenny shows how to join the rows so that the seams will snuggle as much as they can for this block.


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