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Photo by Becky Fain, Inn at Iris Meadows Bed and Breakfast


Do you have a favorite quilt retreat you won’t miss for the world? Do you have any horror stories about a quilt retreat gone bad? If so, tell us about it. Post your comments now! (You don’t have to answer the following questions one by one–these are just to get you thinking!)

1. Do you like a retreat to have a structured schedule/educational focus, or do you prefer to bring your own project and work at your own pace?

2. Do you like smaller retreats (5-10 people) or bigger ones (>10 people)? Why?

3. Are you more likely to attend a retreat where a celebrity will be speaking or teaching? If so, which celebrity is (would be) most fun at a retreat?

4. Where is the ideal retreat held? On the sea (ah…cruise ship), by the sea, over the sea, in the mountains, in the desert, close to a city or town with proximity to restaurants and activities, or out in the middle of nowhere so you don’t have any distractions? Or “I don’t care because I’ll be busy quilting”?

5. Are you more comfortable attending a retreat where you know everyone (i.e., your local guild’s retreat), or will you travel far to meet new people?

6. Are you OK with dorms and shared bathrooms? Triple or double occupancy? Or is it better if you have your own room?

7. Food! Is cafeteria-style dining OK, or do you prefer home-cooked meals? Prefer to cook for yourself? What about chocolate?

8. Alcohol? Must have, don’t care if others partake, or prefer the retreat to be alcohol free?

9. What do organizers do to make a retreat truly special?

10. What should organizers never do?

11. Do you prefer to “pack big” and bring your own machine, travel iron, supplies, etc., or do you like when machines and pressing stations are provided?

12. What time of year is best for a quilt retreat?

13. How long is the ideal retreat? A weekend (2-3) days, a full week, or longer?

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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