Workshop Wednesday: Easy ways to baste your applique.


One of the reasons I love applique so much is that I have learned tons of tricks for making it easy. One really simple way to make this technique more enjoyable is finding a method of basting that works for you. Here are some of the methods I have tried.

In this video Barb Eikmeier has some great tips for basting from the front using her sewing machine.

Back basting is another great way to make your work easier. Both front and back basting don’t require any preparation of the appliqued shapes. These are great methods for those days when you just want to get sewing.

Here is a short video that shows me using glue to baste; click here to view the full tutorial.

I know applique can seem intimidating but with the right tools and help I am sure you can do it. Why not give our new class by Jan Patek a try!

Needle-Turn Applique with Jan Patek

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