Workshop Wednesday: Inspire Your Heart with Art


January 31 is National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, described as “a day to ponder how art affects your heart.” If you quilt regularly, you probably ponder this question on a daily basis: How does this fabric make me feel? How would that pattern look in my home? Oh, I would love to make a quilt for (name of someone special here)!

In today’s Workshop Wednesday I want to share with you some Meet the Artist interviews I’ve gotten to do that might inspire you to pursue your own heart’s true expression, whether via a familiar technique or something new.

David Taylor is a name known to many quilters, especially if you attend major juried quilt competitions where David’s intricately appliqued quilts show up regularly (and win awards). We got to bring David to our studio a few years ago for an interview about his process and techniques and what brought him to his signature style. “I make my quilts for myself because I want to make them,” he said about how he finds subject matter that appeals both to him and to a wide audience.

To view David’s free-motion quilting video tutorial at a sit-down machine, click here.

Another textile artist I really enjoyed interviewing was Valerie C. White, who was featured in the August/September 2013 issue of Quilters Newsletter. Valerie’s professional experience as a public school art teacher influences her attitude of “When you know better, you do better” as she has continued to explore new avenues of expression in her artistic career.

Click here to view Valerie’s video tutorial in which she demonstrates her flour-paste silk screening method. Valerie shared an even easier flour-paste resist technique in the Easy Lesson of Quilters Newsletter’s June/July 2016 issue, a project I still want to try with my young daughters sometime.

About four years ago we interviewed fiber artist Carol Ann Waugh in her Denver art gallery aBuzz about her experiences as a fiber artist in the ever-changing fine art world. (As a follow-up, Carol closed aBuzz at the end of 2016 due to rapidly rising rents, one of a number of artists to be priced out of the neighborhood as developers moved into the RiNo neighborhood.) Here’s the full interview.

Click here to view Carol’s video tutorial in which she demonstrates her decorative stitching techniques.

That same day I got to interview digital textile artist Gay E. Lasher about her background and her process. Gay has explored a variety of mediums over the course of her artistic career, and said that the turning point in her life as an artist came when she attended an art show and asked herself, “What is really appealing to me? What am I finding really powerful?” The answer—color—completely changed how she created her work. You can watch the full interview below.

Click here to watch the second part of our interview with Gay, in which she walks us through her specific digital techniques.

As a bonus, here’s a full episode of Quilting Arts TV that focuses on quilt artist Desiree Habicht, who paints, manipulates and quilts fabric to resemble Old World vintage tiles one might see in an old cathedral or museum.

For a wealth of art quilting techniques and inspiration, check out all the Quilting Arts TV videos available for streaming on our website as well as on DVD, and click here to learn more about Quilting Arts the magazine.

Here’s to making time for inspiring your heart with art all year round!


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