Workshop Wednesday – Stash Busting with String-Pieced Quilts


My favorite quilts are scrappy quilts. I always have a huge amount of scraps so I really love making string-pieced quilts. It’s a great technique for using up scraps.

I start by choosing the color scheme. I store my fabric in 60-quart plastic tubs. I have one tub for each color. And I often choose the color scheme of my quilt based on which of the tubs is the fullest.

I try not to be too “mitchy-matchy” as I’m selecting fabric to use. If my quilt is blue, I use everything from denim blue to turquoise and often throw in a bit of green and purple just because it adds interest.

I don’t pay attention to the mood of the fabric. I use everything from very classic reproduction prints from the 1800s to novelty prints.

String TheoryAnd I have a hint about ugly fabric. If you really don’t like it, cut the strips narrow. Really narrow, like 1” so only ½” of the fabric is in a section. Somehow that tones down the ugliness.

I wrote a blog a while back about my son’s String Theory. There might be helpful information there.


String Piecing with Lori Baker

String Piecing with Lori Baker

I did a video lesson on string piecing. You’ll find it here. In the quilt shown above, I used a strip of pastel aqua in each block. I liked the look.

String me Along

String me Along

And if you use one bold fabric in each of the string-pieced parts of your quilt, you can get a dramatic effect as seen in the String Me Along quilt pattern.

And here is a link for three free quilt patterns, all featuring string piecing.

One of the things that I often forget to tell people is that you can vary the width of your strips. If you need a quick quilt, use wide strips. If you want to use lots of your scraps and it’s okay if the process takes longer, use narrower strips.

How to String Piece a Quilt

How to String Piece a Quilt

If you want to try something different, we have a video on combining string piecing and a drunkard’s path block for a real twist on that block. In the video, they’ve used plaid fabrics for another twist.

And here’s another pattern for one of my string-pieced quilts.

Eye Teaser

Eye Teaser

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    The link for the 3 string pieced quilts doesn’t work. What is the correct URL?

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      Thanks for calling this out! The link has been updated and should now be up and running.

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