Your PBS Station Doesn’t Air Current Episodes of “Love of Quilting” and Here’s Why…


“Does my local PBS channel air Love of Quilting?”
“Why isn’t Love of Quilting offered on my local PBS channel?”
“Why don’t I get current episodes of Love of Quilting? They’re all reruns.”
”I wish Love of Quilting was on more often.”

These are some of the comments and questions you’ll come across on our Facebook Page regarding the “Who’s Hosting Love of Quilting TV? Where are Marianne & Liz?” post. Of course, you have questions! Why not offer our show on every PBS channel in the country? And why air reruns when we could offer current episodes? We have your answer:

We Don’t Decide the Lineup

PBS stations air our show according to viewer demand. They choose which shows to include in their local lineup and the frequency in which they air them. We want to bring you Love of Quilting on a regular basis and you can help make this happen! Here’s how:

Call PBS & Make Your Request

If you’re not sure if PBS airs the show in your area, check your local listings, and if Love of Quilting isn’t offered, give them a call and request that they add the show to their lineup. Do you get past episodes only? Call to request they offer current episodes. This is how we shape public TV, by making our voices heard. Public media is for the people, by the people, so they want you to have the very best in TV. Love of Quilting is self-funding, but many shows on PBS, as well as the stations themselves, depend on seed money from federal funding.

Budget Proposal to Eliminate Public Media Funding

PBS has helped stitch the national quilting community together with shows like Love of Quilting. We support PBS, and hope you do, too. If you support federal funding to PBS and other public media venues (at $1.35 a year per person) please consider joining us in signing the petition to help keep our local public radio and television stations on the air. You can sign the petition at

PBS Funding
Send us any questions or concerns you may have in the comments below. We welcome all opinions and appreciate your support.

Happy Quilting!

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